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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

When In Self Doubt Distract With Neon Nails!

With Memorial Day upon us I knew one thing for certain - I'd have to face the traumatizing experience of stuffing myself in to a bathing suit and spending some time sucking in my tummy while guzzling bloat inducing cocktails. In public. With a diet out of the question (and let's get serious, I was never going to diet anyway, especially not for something as D-list as Memorial Day) I turned to a trusty fail safe: DISTRACTING ACCESSORIES! Picked out a turquoise bikini, a fedora with an ever so charming parrot on it, and went for the boldest Summer hue I've been lusting after lately: neon orange*. There was a minor battle between this orange and an equally blinding neon pink but after putting out some feelers to my peeps on Facebook it was a slam dunk - orange you glad I picked this shade? I sure am.
*With this being my first post I realize one huge faux pas I made while getting this particular mani-pedi - I didn't get the polish brand. Yikes. What a rookie. I'll do better next time, I promise.  

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